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Clients Services

You have the cultural restaurant located within the Lodge and with a fantastic view of the lake Manyara habitants. It offers an “A La Carte” menu of contemporary Fantastic cuisine.                      

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Our Model

The Maasai are a proud semi-nomadic cattle-rearing people with a fascinating culture. They have reputation as fierce warriors and a community with a colorful lifestyle. They have a very special relationship with cattle which are essential to their life-style. The Maasai have survived a troubled history but are under increasing pressure to conform to modern [...]

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Maasai Support

  We organize the Volunteers Project In Maasailand “Tree planting projects”. The greater part of Maasai Land is now so dry that some areas are fast becoming semi-desert. For some families with young children who lack even a little tree shade in their homesteads, life can be very uncomfortable.¬†We aim to work towards planting trees [...]

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Lodge Photos

Lake View Maasai Lodge Huts


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