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We organize the Volunteers Project In Maasailand

“Tree planting projects”.



The greater part of Maasai Land is now so dry that some areas are fast becoming semi-desert. For some families with young children who lack even a little tree shade in their homesteads, life can be very uncomfortable. We aim to work towards planting trees at different homes and on bare hills as we work towards being instrumental in there being a better place for future Maasai generations to live. This effort will go hand in hand with providing education and training about the ongoing importance of conserving and adding to tree populations.

Working with women’s groups.
Maasai women are not given much say by their husbands and yet it is the woman’s responsibility to build and maintain the house and to make sure that the family is eating, and so on. To deal with these challenges they nowadays form themselves into social and economic self-help groups. Some pioneering women are becoming involved with one of a number of small enterprises such as jewellery making and vegetable growing. Your voluntary contribution with this, such as by helping them to learn about small loans and marketing their products, will serve to help the whole of the community as there is a widespread belief that in educating and helping one woman you touch many people’s lives.

Assisting in establishing cultural tourism programmes.

There is a wealth of discovery to be explored throughout the Maasai community: the people, the history, the customs, traditional foodstuffs, etc. Nowadays most travellers are wish to visit a local community and to see and hear with their own eyes and ears something of its hidden treasures. It has been a formidable challenge for local people to prepare brochures and organize some tours by themselves. We welcome volunteers who can offer their creativity and guidance in helping towards such work and in leading small communities in generating an income which that can be used to improve the living standard of the local groups it is our wish to help.

Assisting with labour power in community development projects.

In the course of daily life different projects are now being introduced in order to

Maasai school girls

Maasai school girls

improve life, both socially and economically. Projects such as schools, hospitals, churches, road repairing and water projects need considerable labour power. Volunteers are encouraged to spend some time in donating their own time and energy to these rural area projects. For those interested in working in the farms we arrange a local small scale farm worker to work with them.

Accommodation in Maasai Land
Volunteers working in Maasai Land will stay in a local style mud hut, a typical Maasai abode. At the weekend any culture shock is ameliorated on return back to the relatively civilized world of Arusha, where you can relax and spend your free time exploring the cafes, restaurants, craft stalls and local markets, etc.

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