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Lake View Maasai Lodge Huts

Lake View Maasai Lodge Huts

The Maasai are a proud semi-nomadic cattle-rearing people with a fascinating culture. They have reputation as fierce warriors and a community with a colorful lifestyle. They have a very special relationship with cattle which are essential to their life-style. The Maasai have survived a troubled history but are under increasing pressure to conform to modern society.

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Set on a hill with panoramic views over the Lake Manyara Highland, the lake View Diamond Maasai Lodge combines world-class luxury with the effortless simplicity of the Maasai people. The huts in traditional maasai-built, organically thatched and linked by winding paths in the tradition of the Maasai people. They look like giant maasai huts dotting the sun-drenched plains of the lake manyara view. Inside, guests will find cool stone bathrooms and a blend of authentic African art and craftwork. The dining room complements this dramatic architecture..


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