Maasai Dancing Services

Maasai Dancing Services

Lake View Diamond Maasai lodge is situated higher up the mountain and just a short walk from the other lodges. This lodge can be reserved exclusively for families or small groups. Guests can enjoy the services and expertise of a private lodge manager, chef and field ranger who together will create a memorable experience for guests.

“Lomoni Fireplace”

Guests will be welcomed at the main lodge into a unique and intimate reception area. Depending on the weather, guests can enjoy either the outdoor dining area or sit in the library lounge, outdoor lounge with a fireplace.

An impressive landscape from the Rift Valley gives the visitor an amazing natural

Lake View Diamond Maasai Lodge Dinning

Lake View Diamond Maasai Lodge Dinning

welcome to an area extraordinarily rich in wildlife and beautiful view. The lodge offers stunning views of the Manyara National Park, Rift Valley, Ngorongoro highlands. In the rain season, the Manyara and Tarangire Slams fill with water which attracts huge flocks of flamingos and other birds. The area is also the only place in Africa where one is often able to see the migration herds of tens of thousands of Wildebeest and Zebra, Lion, hyena, cheetah etc.Each charmingly presented Maasai cottages rooms is accommodated in Cow dugs

A Maasai warior building the  Maasai Lodge Huts

A Maasai warior building the Maasai Lodge Huts

combined with local cements, as Maasai house traditionally-thatched ‘Local Trees’. Looking out over the Maasai view, each has its private entrance, spacious bedroom, natural stone bathroom and intricately carved furniture. Envision looking out from your room, seeing straight across the Lake Manyara and sensing that you are one with untamed Africa. With the delicately appointed interior, Lake View Diamond Maasai Lodge has brought the naturalness of the landscape back into your room.


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